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Elks Supporting Pearl Harbor

Preserving History For Future Generations

Elks Remember Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the B.P.O. of Elks share a proud history of honoring the service and dedication of Americans whose profound sacrifices for our nation should never be forgotten. Through the support of the B.P.O.E., a premier national patriotic fraternal organization, Pacific Historic Parks is able to support the Pearl Harbor National Memorial (USS Arizona Memorial) through education and interpretive programs, research, preservation, and restoration. Pacific Historic Parks exists to perpetuate the memory of events and honor the people involved in this site.

As the Greatest Generation passes at the alarming rate of 350 World War II veterans a day, it is our duty to always Remember, Honor and Understand those who have gone before us.

Why Donate?

Perpetuating peace and reconciliation.
Preserving history through voices of the past.
Funding interactive educational programs for future generations.

Connecting current veterans with those who have gone before them, through specialized programming.

Honoring the profound sacrifices of Americans whose dedicated service to our nation should never be forgotten.

Fundraising Goal: $700,000

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center has begun its process of renovating its signage, museum and other areas around the park; many upgrades have been identified, including interactive museum displays that would appeal to all generations.

Wayside Exhibits
  • Replace old, faded and peeling outdoor exhibits along Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s perimeter.
Equipment and Interactive Displays
  • Replace current static displays with digital exhibits to connect with current and future generations of visitors.
  • Build new interactive displays for children to engage them with this time in history that changed the world forever.
  • Modernize the Pearl Harbor museums with iPads and touch screens.
Design and Implementation
  • Research interactive methods that would best reach Pearl Harbor’s visitors and audience.
  • Fabricate exhibits, displays, programs and software.
  • Installation of all new exhibits.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial on Oahu, Hawaii

Headquartered in Waipahu, HI, Pacific Historic Parks is the non-profit cooperative association of the National Park
Service and has been raising funds and providing support to NPS operations at Pearl Harbor since 1979, when the organization was known as the Arizona Memorial Museum Association. PHP’s mission is to “support the National Park Service through research, preservation, restoration, fund development, education and interpretive programs of World War II in the Pacific and other Pacific historic sites.”